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The Freshness of a Watermelon

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May 28, 2022

“Resqued by the Rainforest”, produced by Daniel Phillips (Films), together with David (called The Dutch Biologist of Cahuita). Costa Rica and lots of Natives, Eco Participants and Local Communities, as well as Government Institutions work for a better environment, invest in a better future and Nature Conservation and Protect Wildlife! A video worthwhile to see, and why you should visit Costa Rica en get acquinted with its Lush Wildlife Nature.

Eco Tours by Tourguide Costa Rica

Together with Local Tourguides at the Carribean Site of Costa Rica, in the Limon District, from the Northern Border of Nicaragua to the Southern part of Panama, we offer a variety of tours, which show you the real beaty of wildlife, The Indigenous Tribes and Communities as well as The Farmers, with a variety of Tours, included Jungle, Rainforest(s), River Trekkings, see the real Wildlife and Nature Conservation page, and activities like Fishing, Kayak, Snorkeling and more.

Our honour would be be to introduce you to the lush Wildlife, Natural Conservation of the Carribean site of Costa Rica. The local Indigenous Tribes, The Local Communities and The Farmers.

We work together with Local (Indigenous) People, experienced, and very motivated and experienced Tourguides, with Local Hosts and Farmers.

We would like you to get the best experience of Your Life of the Costa Rica Pura Vida Life Style, and we love “to Show this Lush Nature” to You! 

Visit the Catato Family

Discover the real life and work of The Catato Family – Indigenous People and Tribe in Talamanca, close to Bribri, with beautyful waterfalls, and enjoy yourself with a great river swim.

The Catato family has had visitors from other countries for many years. Father Catato is head of the family but as in every matriarch society Viqui, his wife, is in charge.

They are assisted by their kids and other members, good example of indigenous people that found a way to make a living from their own culture and traditions.

Of course they know all about our society and what it has to offer but at least value their own as well. While visiting their place close (2 miles) to the Bribri city we have an opportunity getting acquainted with their ancient ways.

More information about this tour:


Tour to ‘the Yorkin villagers’

Discover the real life and work of The Yorkin villagers, a Indigenous Community with several tribes in Talamanca, close to Bratsi(Bambu), with beautyful waterfalls, rivers and lots of local activities, like cacao tour, boat ride, bow and arrows shooting, canoa trip on the river.

Learn about natural medicines and the Bribri language. Try the local food and drinks. Hike through the rainforest and enjoy yourself with a swim in the cristal clear water.

Yorkín is a small indigenous village with less than 500 inhabitants. It is located in the Talamanca district, in the Bribri indigenous territory at the river Yorkín, close to the border of Panama.

Also part of the biggest national park in Central America known as ‘la Amistad'(the friendship) while it is shared by both Costa Rica and Panama. Including the highest mountain ‘ Chiripo’.

Yorkin has always been a very isolated place since it was practically only reached by canoa. Lately there have been some improvements on a road and now has become accesable over land (if the river is not to high). These developments are having positive and negative influences on the preservation of the Yorkin lifestyle.

Doña Ötilla her familie and other organisations are set upon maintaining their culture whilst making an income by ecotourism and Chocolate production.

More information about this tour:


Bananito Jungle and Farm Tour

Discover the real lush jungle of Bananito, close to Cahuita, Puerto Viejo and Limon, the real thing and meet the Locals.

Lots of wildlife and rest of Nature, a River and a Waterfall, a tour People who did it almost all gave 5 ratings, local meals included, and enjoy the Wildlife and Nature of Costa Rica, of the Southern Carribean Site. Eco Lodges also available.

Bananito is a village away from the tourist track. Most things are about bananas. Dole, fruitcompanie, Chiquita and Del Monte, provide a lot of low skill jobs.

But as you follow the Bananito river upstream, nature takes the overhand more and more. After 4 miles there is a tiny village Called Banaga where most people live from their farms and there is practically no tourism. Now you have reached to (480 acres), a true ‘green paradise’, reaching from the edge of the river till deep into Primairy Rainforest.

We offer a variety of rainforest trekkings, jungle and farm tours, horseback riding, jungle night tours. And in case of multiple day tours, we have different eco lodges.

More information:

Bananito Jungle and Farm

Other tours we offer:



Bananito Rainforest Hike
catato - cacao-dryer
catato - medicinal garden
catato 2
catato family
Bananito Costa Rica Jungle Limon
bananito jungle hike
catato - cacao-dryer
bananito waterfal
bananito jungle viper snake
Bananito Jungle Farm Hike River
bananito jungle trekking poisoned red frog

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