It seems like you’re looking rainforest adventures Costa Rica, information about various activities and attractions in the District of Limon near | Peurto Viejo, Puerto Limon and Cahuita.

The real jungle and rainforest tours are offered in the Banaga Protected Primary and Secondary rainforest. This lush jungle is located 2 miles from Bananito [which is between Puerto Limon and Cahuita | Puerto Viejo].

The large rainforest is split by the Bananito River, and is protected by all of its neighbors.

Jungle Tours near Cahuita: Several rainforest and real jungle tour options near Cahuita offer guided walks through the lush rainforests, giving you the chance to spot diverse wildlife. We offer a variety of tours Near Cahuita, in the Jungle of Banaga Besides the tours mentioned here, some are on request: additional “special tours,” for example:

and some workshops, for example, please contact us]:

  • Fire Making Workshop [4 Ancient and Survival Techniques] = 6-hour Workshop], led by a real “old school fire maker”, combined with ancient fire-making techniques; combined with a tour to Private Waterfall and a Fresh dip in the Bananito River.
  • Organic Farming and Medicinal Herbs | Plant [6 hours], combined with local Tica techniques; combined with a tour to the Private Waterfall and a Fresh dip in the Bananito River.
  • Chocolate and Coffee Workshop | [From Bean till Chocolate Bar [6-hour Workshop], with free time [for a dip in the River or “if time visit the Private Waterfall” and enjoy the Lush Jungle]; this is an “educational” Organic Cacao tour [different viewpoint traditional Coffee Tours].

For visitors, who would like to stay overnight, there are different options, like jungle lodges with Electricity, even some without [that is life – you need Flashlights in the Jungle – in some parts of this rainforest], although all facilities, like a shower, toilet, are in places.

There is even a camping and an group accommodation.

Parts of the jungle are primitive, but you can enjoy natural fresh fruits and vergetables from the land.

And the water quality is excellent and tested, and pure from an own natural source. This large jungle has even it’s own Waterfall, and is always guarded and safe by the owners [among indigenous] and and 2 official tour guides, who live there!

Other activities are endless, but you might try a horseback riding towards Amistad, along local farms.

We will welcome you, in this community.

Rainforest Jungle Hiking Bananito Limon

Jungle and Farm Tour | Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica

Discover the real lush jungle of Bananito, close to Cahuita, Puerto Viejo, and Limón, the real thing.

Embrace the wildlife, a local farm, the rainforest, the Bananito River, and a Waterfall.

An excellent tour with top ratings on Tripadvisor, with 5-star ratings.

Enjoy the nature of Costa Rica, of the Southern Caribbean Site. Eco Lodges are also available.

Rainforest Jungle Hiking Bananito Limon

Jungle Night Tour | Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica

Discover the real lush jungle of Bananito at night, close to Cahuita, Puerto Viejo, and Limón.

You will encounter the natural lush Wildlife, and in a couple of days, if lodges are available, make the adventure fabulous, an experience of your life.

Rainforest Jungle Hiking Bananito Limon

Horseback Riding in Costa Rica | near Limon | Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica

Experience a scenic horseback ride through the hills of Bananito while visiting the local farmers. The place where many ‘Caballeros’, from all around the country, used to gather and ride from there.

Rainforest Jungle Hiking Bananito Limon

Bananito Jungle Special | Lodging and Tours | Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica

We can combine any tours offered in Bananito with a hospice / overnight stay in the Jungle for up to 24 people in Eco Lodges. There are a few rustic cabins just up the hill or further inside the farm.

We have built houses without electricity and also Eco Lodges at Finca Tayku land with electricity, and neighbor Finca van Maare with a Campsite and Group Accommodation.

Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica-workshop-organic-farming-fire-making-chocolate-tour-costa-rica-waterfall-river

Workshops | Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica

At this moment, work is in progress. You can send us info request info about the workshops:

  • Organic farming and medicinal “herbs” in the Rainforest
  • Coffee and Chocolate Tour “from Bean till Barr” = Educational Organic Cacao [different viewpoint traditional Coffee Tours]
  • 4 ancient techniques of Fire-Making “led by a true expert.”

The workshops take about 6 hours. Transport can be arranged [excluded].

Included are a rainforest hike to Private Waterfall, a dip in the Bananito River, Fresh Fruits, a local Tica Costa Rica Lunch, and pure, accessible fresh water from our controlled source.

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