Cahuita National Park: This park is a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and offers a variety of ecosystems, including rainforests, coral reefs, and beaches.

• Cahuita Tours: There are guided tours available in Cahuita National Park, which can provide visitors with insights into the park’s flora, fauna, and history.
Cahuita Park Hiking: The park Cahuita National Park is a protected area located on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. It’s known for its rich biodiversity, stunning coastline, and various outdoor activities. Offers hiking trails that allow visitors to explore the rainforest, spot wildlife, and enjoy the area’s natural beauty.
Cahuita Snorkeling: The park’s coral reefs make it a prime location for snorkeling, allowing visitors to observe marine life and vibrant underwater ecosystems.
Cahuita Fishing: Fishing is available in the surrounding waters, but it’s important to follow local regulations and guidelines to ensure sustainable practices. We offer offshore fishing tours.
• Cahuita National Park Guided Tours: Guided tours can enhance the visitor experience by providing knowledgeable guides who can explain the park’s features and wildlife and provide information and assistance to visitors.
• Puerto Vargas Entrance: Puerto Vargas is one of the park’s entrances, providing access to its trails, beaches, and reefs.
• Protected Reef of Cahuita: The park’s coral reefs are a vital part of its ecosystem and are protected to preserve their health and biodiversity.
Turtle Rescue Center in Cahuita initiates projects to protect and rescue sea turtles, especially during nesting seasons.
• Cahuita Wildlife: The park is home to various species, including monkeys, sloths, reptiles, birds, and more.
• Cahuita Rainforest and Jungle: The park features lush rainforests and jungle areas, offering opportunities for nature exploration.
Cahuita Sloth Sanctuary: While the Sloth Sanctuary is a separate facility near Cahuita, it’s a popular attraction where visitors can learn about and observe sloths. Please send us an info request.
Jaguar Rescue Center: This rescue center is located near Cahuita and is dedicated to rehabilitating and protecting local wildlife, including jaguars.

If you’re planning a visit or looking, please contact us for up-to-date information; our local tour guides have over 20 years of experience and will unlock the most of your travel experience.

We have local tour guides all over the Limon Province; we also offer other tours, like Adventure [like, kayak, zip-lining], City Trips and cultural tours with the Indigenous People of Talamanca, among others in Bribri.

And the Horseback Riding, hiking tours, Jungle Trekking in the real lush Jungle and even a real Rainforest Night Tour of the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, even in the Province of Limon, near Cahuita in protected primary and secondary jungle | Rainforest of Bananito.

Pleas sent us a request for Tailormade Private guided tours.


Cahuita Natonal Park – Entrance Cahuita | Half Day Hike

Enjoy your trip and meet the Mammals in the Cahuita National Park; lots of species, like howler monkeys, sloths, iguanas, spectacled caimans, toucans, snakes, and more.

Embrace the flora and fauna of the Rainforest and the beaches fringed by jungle vegetation.

Old giant trees, from the swamp forest to the most extensive coral reefs on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.



Cahuita Natonal Park – Entrance Puerto Vargas | Half Day Hike

There are two entrances to Cahuita National Park. The best-known one is from the village of Cahuita itself.

On the other end is the entrance to ‘Puerto Vargas.’

If you want to escape the crowd and are more interested in the old rainforest with giant trees and more of this type of flora and fauna, this side of the park is a great option.


Cahuita National Park | Full Day Hike and Swim

The distance between the two entrances of Cahuita National Park is about 6 miles long from Cahuita to Vargas and leads all around Cahuita Point.

This hike will give you a chance to fully experience the broad spectrum of biodiversity the park has to offer.

Big chance we will run into monkeys and much more wildlife.


Cahuita Night Tour | also suitable for Families with small Children!

The Cahuita Night Tour is a great way to discover a wide variety of nocturnal animals living in the tropical coastal rainforest in the vicinity of Cahuita village.

The tour is close to Cahuita National Park and leads through private properties of Jungle and Rainforest.

This surrounding area wakes up at night. The darkness gives the hike a completely different feeling, and the eye reflex facilitates the recognition of animals; noises are louder, and there is lots to hear and see of wildlife.


Cahuita Snorkeling at Cahuita National Park | Discover Protected Reef and Marine Life

Cahuita snorkeling is the best snorkeling in Costa Rica. Discover the astonishing marine life of the protected Reef at Cahuita National Park.

The reef is probably the most beautiful in Costa Rica, with over 35 types of corals and over 100 species of tropical fish, turtles, and even some sharks.



Cahuita National Park | Snorkeling and Hike Tour

For the combo, snorkel & walk; we also start at 8.30 a.m. from the small harbor in Cahuita, meeting point Miss Edith’s rest.

But after snorkeling and a break on Cahuita Point to eat fresh fruits & chocolate, the captain leaves us behind, and we start with the hike through the park.


Cahuita Fishing | with Local Fisherman

Cahuita Fishing Tours guided by Local Fishermen. The old school and traditional way of Costa Rica fishing. The fish you bring home and prepare for dinner.

Some fishermen work with the old conventional methods, like hand lines. Techniques used are three kinds of fishing: Live Bait Fishing, Trolley Fishing, and Vertical Fishing.

The fishing is at the Protected Reef of Cahuita National Park and around the Cahuita Sea during weather conditions and the best fishing spots.

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