During this tour, we show the lush jungle, secondary and primary rainforest.

You will be welcome, where we with the tour at Finca Tayku land, and an experienced (former teacher and tour guide). He will educate about the importance of fresh healthy water, organic farming, production of cacao and show the lush jungle of Bananito.

Of course, are a local Costa Rican lunch and fresh fruits included.

This program is educative and tailor made together, created with the teachers.

And there is also a fun and play element, swimming in the Bananito River or the Waterfall.

Tour – What to expect? Learn, Play and have Fun

For Nature education at Finca van Maare and Finca Tayku Land, we invite students from local colleges to visit our jungle and farm for an educational day to learn about nature and lots more.

By providing a program focused at nature education, we try to increase the value that our environment has to offer to the students. The higher the value, the more they will care. 

Every level of college class will get a tailor made experience, but basically a day at our jungle / farm will start with an introduction to the place and surroundings as well as an explanation of the program. 

After this we probably start with a recognition of the place whereby we encounter various accents of nature. With younger students, we could then investigate one of the available themes provided, like: jungle, flora or fauna as well as the importance of water quality, soil types, pioneer of the forest, birdlife and more. 

Older students could put together their own field investigation, make a hypothesis and do the fieldwork to find a conclusion. If there is enough time, they could also present their findings, conclusions, and the teacher could grade their efforts. 

Of course, there will also be enough time to lunch and enjoy the beautiful Finca’s environment, maybe even take a refreshing dive into the river.

Surely this will be a great learning experience to all the students and hopefully make a difference for the future.

There is, only suitable for the elder students, even a waterfall in Finca Tayku Land, to visit and enjoy swimming the fresh nature water.


Approximately: 5 hours.

What to bring with you?

Sunscreen, drinking water, eventually, rain cover. It can sometimes be difficult to make a valid weather forecast.

Our Tour guides

Our guides are genuinely local and experienced tour professionals. They harbor a sincere and profound passion for nature and wildlife, deeply respect Costa Rican culture, are thoroughly prepared, and are licensed by the ICT (Costa Rican Tourism Institute).


Pricing is upon request, as well as the program will be tailor-made, based upon educational added value, and preferences of the school. Lunch can be arranged, and fresh organic fruits as well as cacao are included.

About Bananito Jungle Farm and Rainforest | a hidden Paradise

Bananito is a village away from the tourist track. Most things are about bananas. Dole, fruit companies, Chiquita and Del Monte, provide a lot of low skill jobs.

But as you follow the Bananito river upstream, nature takes the overhand more and more.

After 3 miles there is a tiny village Called Banaga where most people live from their farms and there is practically no tourism. The local bar ‘Monterrey’ is our meeting point, from there we cross the river.

Now you have reached to our property (480 acres), a true ‘green paradise’, reaching from the edge of the river till deep into Primary Rainforest.

Johnny Abraham’s, now my neighbor is where I, “Quote from, tour guide David – also called The Dutch Biologist of Cahuita”, started to discover the Bananito area and jungle existence.

He has been living on the other side of the river all his life, his father from Spain, mom indigenous Bribri. In the old days, their family was famous for their farming skills.

During my ten years of visits and stays, he taught David how to build a house and grow my food. They spend many nights conversing about things in life. Finding out there is lots more to it than just the material part.

He learned lots till one day, became his neighbor and bought 80 acres of Lush Jungle, to live and work.

Together they are receiving and guiding people on over 400 acres of jungle properties.

On the riverside there is a place to barbecue or jump off the ridge right into the current.

There is a big wooden Rancho, thatched leaved,  where Johnnie, his neighbor lives with wife and daughter. This is where you will be welcomed, where food will be cooked for us, and we prepare for the first excursion.

From there it is a path which leads out of the garden area with cabins, into secondary rainforest. It was farmland approximately 40 years ago, nevertheless it has already become quite a diverse wilderness. Trees grow amazingly fast in these tropical regions.

As the trail now gets more narrow, the surroundings intensify. Sometimes sounds surprise us or is it just the humidity that makes you sweat, imagine if it rains, this is the real thing.

Who knows what we will encounter proceeding upwards to the primary rain forested foothills of the Caribbean slope. Pay attention to every step now, do not touch until you watch.

Far in the green distance we start to notice the sound of water falling, our goal is near, a refreshing dip under a ton of water.

The Waterfall and Bananito River

It is not necessary to drink bottled water. The Finca had his fresh water source. The drinking water comes from several springs uphill, the quality has been tested and is pure and fresh, and healthy water, free from use of agrochemicals and there is no cattle whose feces might pollute it.

As the Finca Taykü Land, borders with the Bananito river, you can enjoy a
variety of swimming spots. The Finca even has its own Waterfall, deep inside the rainforest.

The Bananito river gives great relief from the tropical heat even more after having done some kind of activities, like hiking tours (or work on the land).

Organic Farming

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An organic farm in Costa Rica’s rainforest can be a rewarding experience that allows you to learn about sustainable agriculture practices while contributing to conservation efforts. Cacao and banana are both popular crops in the region, and you may have the opportunity to learn about their cultivation and harvesting. Additionally, fresh water is a vital resource in the rainforest, and you may consider Volunteer Projects in Costa Rica.

At ‘Finca van Maare’, in the rainforest of ‘Banago’, close to the city of Limón, we grow, and harvest, … among others:

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Nature Conservation

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Nature conservation and maintenance in Costa Rica can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Costa Rica is home to some of the world’s most diverse ecosystems, and many organizations and initiatives are working hard to protect these environments from deforestation, habitat loss, and other threats.

[[[To get involved in rainforest conservation volunteering in Costa Rica, you can start by researching different organizations and initiatives that operate in the country. Some popular options at ‘Finca van Maare’ include]]]

School Tour | Organic Farming | Learn Play and Have Fun


Our Gallery

This is our gallery. “Check it out!”

Our Gallery

This is our gallery. “Check it out!”

Our Gallery

This is our gallery. “Check it out!”

Resqued by the Rainforest

“Rescued by the Rainforest”, produced by Daniel Phillips (Films), together with David (called The Dutch Biologist of Cahuita).

Costa Rica and lots of Natives, Eco Participants and Local Communities, as well as Government Institutions work for a better environment, invest in a better future and Nature Conservation and Protect Wildlife!

A video worthwhile to see, and why you should visit Costa Rica en get acquainted with its Lush Wildlife Nature.

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