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Our guides, true locals, and seasoned tour experts offer unmatched, unique experiences. They embody a genuine passion for nature and wildlife, a deep respect for Costa Rican culture, and meticulous preparation, and are licensed by the ICT (Costa Rican Tourism Institute).

We take great pride in introducing you to Costa Rica’s Caribbean side, home to abundant wildlife and nature conservation. Our range of Costa Rica tours spans from the northern border with Nicaragua to the southern part of the Panamanian border, including the Sixaola River.

Discover the breathtaking natural beauty of the Costa Rican rainforest and its diverse wildlife, interact with the indigenous people of Costa Rica, learn about the native indigenous communities, and connect with the Farmers and Local Rural Communities.​

Resqued by the Rainforest


of world's landmass

world's biodiversity

Species of Wildlife

of land is protected nature

´Rescued by the Rainforest in Costa Rica´, produced by ‘Deej Phillips’ (Film Producer), together with David.

Costa Rican Natives, Eco Participants, and Local Communities, as well as Government Institutions, work for a better environment. They invest in a better future through Nature Conservation and Wildlife Protection.

A video worthwhile seeing. We hope it motivates you, to visit Costa Rica and get acquainted with its lush nature and diverse wildlife.

Carribbean Costa Rica Tours

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Tour Guide Costa Rica | Carribean Costa Rica Tours

Our local tour guides show you the lush Wildlife, Rainforest, National Parks, and Nature Conservation of the Caribbean side of Costa Ric, as well as the Culture of the Indigenous People of Costa Rica.

The guides are experienced and have top ratings on Tripadvisor.

Cahuita Night Tour | Rainforest Hike

The rainforest night tour in Cahuita is a great way to discover a wide variety of nocturnal animals living in the tropical coastal rainforest, in the vicinity of Cahuita village.

This surrounding area really wakes up at night. The darkness gives the hike a completely different feeling. You will experience the eye reflex that facilitates the recognition of animals. The noises are louder and the animals are more.

Indigenous People of Costa Rica | The Catato Family

Discover the real life and work of The Catato family, an Indigenous community in Talamanca, close to Bribri, with beautiful waterfalls, rivers, rainforest, and lots of local activities, like cacao tour, medicinal garden, blowpipe shooting, nature hike and homemade souvenirs.

Horseback Riding | Bananito - Farms and Hills

Experience a scenic horseback ride through the hills of Bananito whilst visiting the local farmers. The place where many ‘caballeros’, from all around the country, used to gather and ride from there.

Cahuita National Park | Full Day Hike to Puerto Vargas

Enjoy your trip and meat the Mammals of the National Park of Cahuita. You will meet lots of species, like monkeys, sloths, iguanas, lizards, snakes, and more. And do not forget the amazing flora, fauna, and the old giant trees.

Rainforest Jungle and Farm Hike| Bananito Rainforest near Limon

Discover the real lush jungle of Bananito, close to Cahuita, Puerto Viejo and Limón, the real thing and meet the Locals. Lots of wildlife and rest of Nature, a River, and a Waterfall, a tour people who did it almost all gave 5 ratings, local meals included, and enjoy the Wildlife and Nature of Costa Rica, of the Southern Caribbean Site. Eco Lodges also available.

Cahuita Snorkeling | Best Snorkeling in Costa Rica

Snorkeling and discovering the astonishing marine life of the Reef of Cahuita National Park. The reef is probably the most beautiful in Costa Rica, with over 35 types of corals, and over 100 species of tropical fish, turtles, and even some sharks.

The Real Rainforest Night Tour | Bananito Jungle near Limon

Discover the real lush jungle of Bananito at night, close to Cahuita, Puerto Viejo and Limón. You will be encountered with real lush Wildlife, and a couple of days, if lodges are available make the adventure absolute fabulous, an experience of your life.

School Education - History and Culture | Isla Uvita Tour

Our aim with this school project is to teach kids from Limón more about the history of their own city and province, practically outside their college walls.

By taking a group of college kids to the island ‘Isla Uvita’ we have an opportunity to spend an unforgettable day. During the excursion, they will learn lots and have great fun doing so.

National Park of Cahuita | Snorkeling and Hike Tour

Snorkeling and discover the astonishing marine life of the Reef of Cahuita National Park. The reef is probably the most beautiful of Costa Rica, with over 35 types of corals, and over 100 species of tropical fish, turtles, and even some sharks.
Afterwards enjoy your hike trip and meat the Mammals of the National Park of Cahuita, lots of species, like monkeys, sloths, iguanas, lizards, snakes, and more, and do not forget the amazing flora, fauna and the old giant trees.

Fishing in Cahuita | with Local Fishermen

Fishing in Cahuita with local Caribbean fisherman, is an experience you will enjoy. And the Costa Rican, traditional native fishing can net some surprising results.

Indigenous People of Costa Rica| Yorkin Community

Discover the real life and work of The Yorkin villagers. They are an Indigenous Community with several tribes in Talamanca, close to Bratsi (Bambu), with beautiful waterfalls, rivers, and lots of local activities, like the cacao tour, boat rides, bow and arrow shooting, the canoe on the river. Learn about natural medicines and the Bribri language. Try the local food and drinks. Hike through the rainforest and enjoy yourself with a swim in the crystal clear water.

Discover Uvita Island - Jungle Hike and History | Limon

Discover and explore the Island in front of Limón city, learn about what the entering of Christopher Columbus, inherited to the history of the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. How the Caribbean Culture started is quite different from the rest of Costa Rica.

Full Day Carribean Beaches and Party Tour | Peurto Viejo in Costa Rica

Enjoy the most beautiful beaches, all from Puerto Limón, to the beaches from Manzanillo, close to the Panamanian border and the Sixaola river. It is possible to combine this with Bribri waterfalls or a kayak trip. The tour will end at the most beautiful beaches with a party, or upon choice at the Indigenous people with traditional Costa Rican food, music, and the inherited culture and rituals.

Wildlife and Eco Tours

Jungle and Farm Trekking, Visits to Local Indigenous Tribes, National Parks, Eco Tours, Horseback Riding, Canoe Trips, Fishing, Snorkeling, and more Adventure Nature and Wildlife Tours, together with Local Tour guides and Communities.

Eco Lodges

We offer Eco Lodges, in combination with our Tours, in Limón, Cahuita, Bananito, Punta Uva, and the District of the Talamanca. In the Bribri area, for example, at the Yorkin Community.

Nature Conservation

The Costa Rica Tourism Board states, ‘sustainability is not a practice in Costa Rica; it is a way of life’. The country protects 30% of its land with 30 national parks plus wildlife refuges, forest reserves and conservation regions.


Tour Guide Costa Rica