(Eco) Rainforest Lodges and Campsite


Rainforest Lodges | Finca Tayku Land | Bananito Limon

If you are looking for rustic elegance and tropical charm, look no further than Eco Lodges – Finca Taiku Land, in the middle of the Jungle Rainforest.

The Finca protects over 240 acres of jungle rainforest, is located in a relatively remote area, surrounded by lots of tropical nature, and the owner Jhonny Abrahams is genuinely concerned with environmental sustainability.

Available Upon Request, in some cases only in combination with Tours.


Jungle Lodges – Campsite | Finca van Maare | near Puerto Viejo

If you are looking for a real-life experience of the Jungle and Farm life, Eco Lodges “Finca van Maare” is an excellent opportunity for your holiday.
With the presence of group accommodation, you can enjoy with your friends or family the lush nature of the jungle and rainforest of Costa Rica in the district of Limón.

Finca van Maare en Finca Tayku work close together. They both have accommodated large groups of biologist students, ecologists, and travelers, who enjoy the lush Rainforest and Jungle of Bananito and want to learn about the Costa Rican culture of taking care of the environment and how to preserve nature.

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