It seems like you’re looking for information about various activities and attractions in the Cahuita area of Costa Rica. Cahuita is known for its natural beauty, national parks, and cultural experiences. Tour Guide Cosa Rica offers a wide range of Cahuita Tours.

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Cahuita National Park Hike: Cahuita National Park is a popular destination for hiking. The park offers several well-maintained trails that allow visitors to explore the coastal rainforest, spot wildlife, and enjoy beautiful beaches.

Cahuita Fishing: Cahuita’s coastal location makes it a good spot for fishing. Local guides offer fishing tours, where you can catch various fish. We offer Offshore Fishing Tours with local fishermen.

Cahuita Snorkeling: The coral reefs off the coast of Cahuita National Park are excellent for snorkeling. Guided Snorkeling Tours allow visitors to explore the underwater marine life and vibrant coral formations. Please also check our PrivateTours [sent us an info request].

Cahuita Tour Guides: Local tour guides can lead you through Cahuita’s different activities and attractions. They can provide insights into the flora, fauna, and local culture.

Tour guide Costa Rica works for over 80% with local tour guides, with> 10 years of experience, often even 20 years of experience.

Although all our local experienced guides have this experience, they follow all official license guides, which is new in Costa Rica, regardless of their experience.

Our second goal in the mid-term is to motivate local young people, to encourage and get their licenses, and train those fellows as future tour guides managed by official programs and by introducing them on the job to have a future perspective!

Cahuita Night Tour: Night tours are often offered in Cahuita to explore the nocturnal wildlife, including frogs, insects, and other creatures that come alive after dark. The Cahuita Night Tour is very suitable for families with young children. For adults, we recommend the “real thing,” the Rainforest Night Tour near Cahuita in Banaga [2 miles from Bananito].

Cahuita Turtle Rescue Center: Cahuita has the Turtle Rescue Cahuita Center dedicated to conserving and protecting sea turtles. These centers often play a vital role in ensuring the survival of various turtle species.

Cahuita Jaguar Rescue Center: The Jaguar Rescue Center is in Puerto Viejo, a nearby town. It focuses on rehabilitating various animals, not just jaguars, that are injured or orphaned.

Cahuita Sloth Sanctuary: The Sloth Sanctuary is another attraction near Cahuita, where you can learn about and observe sloths up close.

Jungle Tours near Cahuita: Several rainforest and real jungle tour options near Cahuita offer guided walks through the lush rainforests, giving you the chance to spot diverse wildlife. We offer a variety of tours Near Cahuita, in the Jungle of Banaga [between Puerto Limon and Cahuita]. Besides the terms mentioned here, some are on request: additional “special tours,” for example:

and some workshops, for example, for more information [send us an info request!].

  • Fire Making Workshop [4 Ancient and Survival Techniques] = 6-hour Workshop], led by a genuine “old school fire maker,” combined with ancient fire-making techniques combined with a tour to Private Waterfall and a Fresh dip in the Bananito River
  • Organic Farming and Medicinal Herbs | Plant [6 hours], combined with local Tica techniques; combined with a tour to the Private Waterfall and a Fresh dip in the Bananito River
  • Chocolate and Coffee Workshop | [From Bean till Chocolate Bar [6-hour Workshop], with free time [for a dip in the River or “if time visit the Private Waterfall” and enjoy the Lush Jungle].

Indigenous Reserve and Bribri Reserve: The Bribri Indigenous People have a reserve in the Talamanca mountains near Cahuita. Visiting this area can provide insights into their culture, traditions, and way of life.

Coffee and Chocolate Tours: Costa Rica is known for its coffee and chocolate production. Nearby areas may offer tours where you can learn about the processes involved in producing these treats. See our Indigenous Tours in Bribri, the canton of Talamanca.

Indigenous People of Costa Rica: Costa Rica is home to several indigenous communities, including the Bribri people in the Cahuita region. These communities have rich cultural traditions and histories that visitors can learn about through tours and interactions.

Remember that the availability of these activities and attractions may vary, so it’s a good idea to research or contact local tour operators before your visit to get the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Please get in contact with Us for Private Tours and additional information.


Cahuita Tours | Cahuita Night Tour

The Cahuita Night Tour is a great way to discover a wide variety of nocturnal animals living in the tropical coastal rainforest near Cahuita village.

The tour is close to Cahuita National Park and leads through private properties of Jungle and Rainforest.

This surrounding area wakes up at night. The darkness gives the hike a completely different feeling, and the eye reflex facilitates the recognition of animals; noises are louder, and there are lots to hear and see of wildlife.

The tour is also suitable for families with small children.

puerto viejo snorkeling private snorkeling cahuita park cahuita snorkeling peurto viejo snorkeling costa rica from peurto vargas school fish

Cahuita Tours | Private Snorkeling Tour and Vargas Hike

Private snorkeling in Cahuita takes place at the Vargas site within the protected reef area of Cahuita National Park’s Marine Park. It’s a guided experience led by officially licensed snorkeling tour guides, and it offers access to breathtaking coral reefs.

Cahuita snorkeling at the Vargas site, conveniently located near Puerto Viejo and accessible by bus, is renowned as one of the finest snorkeling experiences in Costa Rica. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating marine life of Cahuita National Park’s Reef at Puerto Vargas Marine Park.


Cahuita Tours | Fishing with Local Fisherman

Cahuita Fishing Tours guided by Local Fishermen. The old school and traditional way of Costa Rica fishing.

The fish you bring home and prepare for dinner. Some fishermen work with the old conventional methods, like hand lines.

Techniques used are three kinds of fishing: Live Bait Fishing, Trolley Fishing, and Vertical Fishing. The fishing is not only at the Protected Reef of Cahuita National Park but around the Cahuita Sea during weather conditions and the best fishing spots.

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