Discover the rainforest in Costa Rica, a real lush jungle in the Province of Limon near Bananito, close to Cahuita, Puerto Viejo, and Puerto Limón; experience the real thing and meet the Locals.

We have lots of wildlife and are surrounded by nature, the river Bananito on our boundary, and a waterfall deep inside the forest. This tour is rated on TripAdvisor with five stars!

Local meals are included, and enjoy the wildlife and unique nature of Costa Rica on the Southern Caribbean Site. Eco Lodges are also available.

Rainforest Tour in Costa Rica| Lush Jungle of Bananito – What to expect?

The tour of our property near the village of Bananito is exceptional. Not only because there is (still) very little Bananito tourism but also because we protect about 300 acres of tropical rainforest, together with the neighbor, from hunting and logging, which makes the place flourish with flora and fauna, serving as a cradle of biodiversity.

Here, we have built ranchos in harmony with nature, where we will get a welcome and an introduction to the place. Historically interesting, indigenous people must have lived on these lands for centuries. We have made some archeological discoveries.

Next, we follow a trail that leads deep into the forest, the sky covered by ancient jungle giants and many tropical plant and animal species, to find a hidden waterfall. After the first excursion, we’re back at the Rancho, have a wood stove lunch, and drink tropical fruit juices. Who can explore the closer surroundings, swim in the river, or relax in the hammock to enjoy the place?

After a well-deserved rest, it is time to see the organic farm part. There are many Cacao, Lemon, Avocado, and other tropical fruit trees to find. We can sustainably teach you how to grow bananas, pineapple, and organic tropical fruits.

Do not forget all the medicinal herbs. On the way, we pass by my house and see how a Dutch guy lives in the tropics. Before returning, taste our homemade chocolate and maybe take some with you.


Approximately: 6 hours.

What to bring with you

Closed footwear, swimsuit for river and waterfall, towel, mosquito spray, drink bottle, water. We have our fresh, controlled water source. Take rain cover with you and long trousers.

Our Tour guides

Our guides are genuinely local and experienced tour professionals. They harbor a sincere and profound passion for nature and wildlife, deeply respect Costa Rican culture, are thoroughly prepared, and are licensed by the ICT (Costa Rican Tourism Institute). They will love to show you the rich jungle and wildlife Bananito offers.


For pricing, see the shop product page and the “Additional Information” Tab; minimum group size [adults] = two persons. For youngster discounts, visit the product page!

What is included

A local Costa Rican lunch, chocolate made from organic cacao and fresh fruits. And, of course, a very experienced and dedicated local tour guide. Fresh water and the entrance to the waterfall.


We have different lodges, with water and electricity, and some accommodations for groups [for fit people].

Lodges, if available, are priced upon request. Nothing is more natural than waking up in the lush nature of Bananito, and we can provide healthy local Costa Rican breakfast and meals on request.

If you want to stay in our Lodges, bring with your overstay equipment, like a toothbrush and some clothes.

Meeting Point and Directions

Finca van Maare is located close to the local village of Bananito, away from the tourist track. First, you have to follow the Bananito river upstream, where nature takes the overhand.

After 3 miles there is a tiny village Called Banaga where most people live from their farms and there is practically no tourism. The local bar ‘Monterrey’ is our meeting point, from there we cross the river.

Now you have reached the property of Finca Taykü Land of our neighbor Johnnie Abrahams. Finca van Maare, is 1 mile, located further inland and upwards the Bananito River. The Finca’s are a true ‘green paradise’, reaching from the edge of the river till deep into Primary Rainforest.

You can come with your own transportation. Upon request, we also can arrange this service.

About Bananito Jungle – a Hidden Paradise – Rainforest in Costa Rica, near Puerto Limon

Bananito is a village away from the tourist track. Most things are about bananas. Dole, fruit company, Chiquita, and Del Monte, provide a lot of low-skill jobs.

But as you follow the Bananito River upstream, nature takes overhand more and more.

After 4 miles there is a tiny village called Banaga where most people live from their farms and there is practically no tourism. The local bar ‘Monterrey’ is our meeting point, and from there, we cross the river.

Now you have reached our property (300 acres), a true ‘green paradise’, reaching from the edge of the river till deep into Primary Rainforest.

Johnny Abraham’s, now my neighbor is where I, “Quote from Tour guide David – called The Dutch Biologist of Cahuita”, started to discover the Bananito area and jungle existence.

He has been living on the other side of the river all his life, his father is from Spain, mom is indigenous to Bribri. In the old days, their family was famous for their farming skills.

During his ten years of visits and stays, he taught David how to build a house and grow food. They spend many nights conversing about things in life. Finding out there is lots more to it than just the material part.

He learned lots till one day, became his neighbor, and bought 80 acres of Lush Jungle, to live and work.

Together they are receiving and guiding people on over 300 acres of jungle properties.

On the riverside, there is a place to barbecue or jump off the ridge right into the current.

There is a big wooden Rancho, with thatched leaves, where Johnnie, his neighbor lives with his wife and daughter. This is where you will be welcomed, where food will be cooked for us, and we prepare for the first excursion.

From there it is a path that leads out of the garden area with cabins, into the secondary rainforest. It was farmland approximately 40 years ago, nevertheless, it has already become quite a diverse wilderness. Trees grow amazingly fast in these tropical regions.

As the trail now gets more narrow, the surroundings intensify. Sometimes sounds surprise us or is it just the humidity that makes you sweat, imagine if it rains, this is the real thing.

Who knows what we will encounter proceeding upwards to the primary rainforested foothills of the Caribbean slope? Pay attention to every step now, do not touch until you watch. There could even be a Jaguar around.

Far in the green distance, we start to notice the sound of water falling, our goal is near, a refreshing dip under a ton of water.

Rainforest Tour  in Costa Rica | Jungle Hike | Province of Limon, near Bananito

Van Maare is the name of our organic farm near Bananito, with a secondary and primary rainforest in Costa Rica of 300 Acres (together with neighbor Finca Tayku Land), called after our mom’s last name by three Dutch brothers. The surface area is approximately 40 acres, mostly covered by forest; just 8 acres are maintained to live and grow food. The boundaries reach from Bananito’s riverside to the mountain ridge, so there is no need to fence the place.

We plant tropical fruits and vegetables; the main products are Cacao and Bananas. But there are many more growing on, Pineapple, Citrus, Cassava, Kastane, Starfruit, Avocados, and so on. Keep in mind the vast amount of naturally occurring medicinal plants and fruits.
Most of it is for our use, a part for the wildlife, and little is sold.

As the geographical nature of the farm is so steep, from riverside to mountain ridge, the soil type and vegetation are also very variable and allow for growing a wide range of greens. We discovered plain areas at various levels perfect for building and growing, as did the first indigenous settlers long ago.

As we maintain footpaths all around the jungle/farm and create more microhabitats in the form of ponds to attract as many species of wildlife as possible, the goal is to observe as much flora and fauna as possible.

On the riverside, we allocated Plantains or cooked bananas, yucca (Cassava), and corn (they need the most light); the soil is very fertile, being flooded by the river occasionally. This is all amidst a pioneer forest of giant Balsa Wood (the lightest in the world) and other fast-growing trees, the first to occur along a riverside.

A level higher up, we planted loads of fruit trees and other stuff that thrive well on clay soil and lesser light. The birds and Mammals like Cherengas and Armadillos love it, too, since food is abundant.

The more you move up, the wilder the vegetation gets; on top, you will find secondary rainforests with substantial hardwood trees (like Katcha, Cedero, and Nispelro) and all the wildlife in this ecosystem.

Since we have owned the land since 2008, we do not allow hunting or cutting trees to sell. Nature is flourishing; we have even found the Claw marks of a Jaguar on trees high up in the primary rainforest. So it could be that there one has been around in the past. Our place is well protected, and all the components of this natural system are still present and even accumulating.

The Waterfall and Bananito River

It is not necessary to drink bottled water. The Finca has its fresh water source. The drinking water comes from several springs uphill, the quality has been tested and is pure and fresh, and healthy water, free from the use of agrochemicals and there are no cattle whose feces might pollute it.

As the Finca Taykü Land, borders with the Bananito river, you can enjoy a
variety of swimming spots. The Finca even has its own Waterfall, deep inside the rainforest. The Bananito River gives great relief from the tropical
heat even more after having done some kind of activities, like hiking tours (or working on the land).

Eco Lodges, Group Accommodation and Camping

Right now (2022) we have built two houses, one big enough for 8 people to stay, and a community area that serves as camping spot and get together.

But we do not plan to stop building yet, there are more accommodations on the agenda, some simple, others more luxurious.

Together with our neighbor finca Tayku, we can accommodate groups up till 24 people in Eco Lodges, the Campsite and the Group Accommodation.

Tours and Activities – Bananito Limón

We offer  a variety of tours in the Bananito Jungle, Limón Area, close to Cahuita, in the middle of the Jungle / Rainforest, like:

  • Bananito Jungle and Farm Tour
  • Horseback Riding
  • Night Jungle Hiking
  • Multiple Day Deep Jungle Rainforest Trekking
  • Fishing at the Bananito and surrounding Rivers
  • Kayak / Canoe Tour

Of course, it is possible in the case of multiple-day tours, to make a combination, of the above tours, when staying multiple days in the Jungle and Rainforest of Bananito.

Rainforest Tour in Costa Rica | near Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica | Jungle Trek and Farm Tour


Take your camera – Make your Own Video Memory

Group of 20 students during a tour and visit the Bananito Jungle and Eco Jungle Lodges at Finca Van Maare, and neighbor Finca Tayku land of Mr. Jhonnie Abrahams. The tour guide, David is opening a coconut, Apparently a though coconut this time. The start of the rainforest tour in Costa Rica. The location is setting of the secondary rainforest near Bananito in the Province of Limon.

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