You are interested in the Bribri indigenous people of Costa Rica and related aspects. Here’s an overview of the topics you’ve mentioned:

  • Indigenous People of Costa Rica: Costa Rica is home to multiple Indigenous Reserve, including the Bribri, Cabécar, Guaymí, Boruca, Térraba, Chorotega, and Matambú. These groups have lived in Costa Rica for thousands of years, long before the Spanish arrived.
  • Bribri Reserve: The Bribri people primarily inhabit the Talamanca region in southeastern Costa Rica and parts of Panama. Within Costa Rica, Bribri reserves protect their land and traditional ways of life.
  • Catato Family, Yorkin Community:  The Catato family and Yorkin community are families or communities within the Bribri population. We offer coffee and chocolate tours and cultural excursions to the Yorkin Community and the Catato Family, famous for their excellent Costa Rica Coffee Tour.
  • Amistad National Park (La Amistad): This vast national park spans both Costa Rica and Panama. It’s home to incredible biodiversity and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park encompasses traditional Bribri lands. These tours are under development at this moment!
  • Bribri Culture and Traditions:
  • Cosmology: The Bribri have a unique cosmology. For instance, they believe that Sibö (a god) created humans from the seeds of maize.
    Social Structure: The Bribri have a clan system, and one’s clan is determined matrilineally.
  • Cacao and Women: Cacao has a special place in Bribri culture. Women are the only ones traditionally allowed to make a special cacao drink, which plays a role in various ceremonies.
    Coffee Tour Costa Rica: Costa Rica is renowned for its high-quality coffee. There are many coffee plantations across the country offering tours. These tours provide insights into the complete process of coffee making, from bean to cup. Some of these farms also adopt sustainable farming practices, ensuring the region’s environmental health.
  • Chocolate Tour Puerto Viejo: Puerto Viejo, located on the Caribbean coast, is near Bribri territories. Due to the significant role of cacao in Bribri culture, some tours offer a deep dive into the traditional chocolate-making methods. Many of these tours are run by indigenous communities, providing an authentic experience. We also offer ” a chocolate tour in the jungle of Banaga. The accent on this tour is educational: “organic cacao” and producing your chocolate.
  • Bribri Indigenous People: As one of the largest indigenous groups in Costa Rica, the Bribri have retained many traditions and lifestyles. This is despite facing challenges from modernization, land rights issues, and other factors.
  • Talamanca: This is the mountain range in which many of Costa Rica’s indigenous communities, including the Bribri and Cabécar. The content is known for its biodiversity and is where La Amistad National Park is.

When traveling to indigenous territories or participating in tours, it’s always important to approach with respect and a desire to learn. Always ask for permission when taking photos, support local businesses, and respect customs and traditions.


The Yorkin Villagers |Indigenous People of Costa Rica | Bribri Indigenous Reserve

Discover the real life and work of the Yorkin villagers, an Indigenous Community with several tribes in Talamanca.

Located close to Bratsi (Bambu), with beautiful waterfalls, rivers, and many local activities, like local farming, boat rides, bow and arrow shooting, and canoe trips on the river. Learn about natural medicines and the Bribri language, its culture and traditions.

Try the local food and drinks. Hike through the rainforest and enjoy yourself with a swim in the crystal clear water.


Catato Family | Indigenous People of Costa Rica | Bribri Indigenous Reserve

Discover the real life and work of The Catato family, a Bribri Indigenous Reserve close to Puerto Viejo.

You will visit beautiful waterfalls, rivers, and the rainforest.

And there are many local activities, like one of the best chocolate and coffee tours of Costa Rica, medicinal gardens, blowpipe shooting, nature hikes, and homemade souvenirs.

Hitoy Cerere Biological Reserve Riverbed one of the many

Hitoy Cerere Biological Reserve | Adventerous Hike

Unspoiled and largely undiscovered, the Hitoy Cerere Biological Reserve is exclusively meant for the boldest and most physically fit hikers. This biological reserve represents one of the most secluded areas in the eastern part of the country. In fact, numerous sections within the upper Talamanca Mountains remain uncharted. While there is a ranger station at the entrance, no other amenities or facilities are available on-site.

The reserve comprises both humid tropical and premountain pluvial forests. Simply embarking on a journey to reach the Hitoy-Cerere Reserve can evolve into an enthralling all-day adventure, given the challenging and rugged terrain, marked by uneven landscapes and abundant rainfall.

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