Close to Puerto Viejo, in Bribri territory, you’ll discover three remarkable waterfalls: the Volio Waterfall, nestled within the Bribri Indigenous Reserve, and the Catarata Waterfalls, a hidden treasure often referred to as the Bribri Sparkling Waterfalls and the Two Waters Waterfall.

3 Bribri Waterfalls | What to expect?

The meeting point is set for 08:30 at the Hone Creek Gas Station.

From there, our journey continues towards the Volio Waterfall in the Indigenous territory [for which you are a local tour guide [for safety reasons, and they know the area very well], a magnificent 15-meter-high cascade within the Bribri Indian Reservation. To reach this natural wonder, we embark on a roughly 1-mile trek through the jungle, crossing shallow rivers. Our experienced guides, well-versed in the area, will lead us to pristine natural pools and provide a captivating view of the lush canyon.

We pause to savour fresh fruits and snacks during our exploration, revitalising ourselves for the adventure ahead. Along the way, we’ll encounter a rich array of wildlife, diverse flora, and fauna. This trail is renowned for hiking and birdwatching enthusiasts.

Following a brief lunch break in Bribri, our tour proceeds to one of Costa Rica’s most underappreciated waterfalls. We’ll uncover a hidden gem called the Catarata Waterfalls, also called the Bribri Sparkling Waterfalls. And last but not least, we will also visit the Two Water Waterfalls.

During this tour, there are many opportunities to explore Costa Rica’s natural flora, fauna, and wildlife. As the day’s adventure concludes, our return transportation will bring us back to the comforts of civilisation.


Approximately: 5 hours.

What do you bring with you?

Sunscreen, drinking water, easy walking shoes, a towel, and eventually, rain cover, swim clothes if you want to have a fresh dip in the waterfall. Making a valid weather forecast can sometimes be challenging. And of course your camera.

Our Tour guides

Our guides are genuinely local and experienced tour professionals. They harbor a sincere and profound passion for nature and wildlife, deeply respect Costa Rican culture, are thoroughly prepared, and are licensed by the ICT (Costa Rican Tourism Institute).


For pricing, see the shop product page and the “Additional Information” Tab; minimum group size [adults] = four persons.

What is Included

An experienced, ICT-licensed tour guide, fresh fruits, and the entrance fees for the Bribri Volio in Indigenour Territory, Two Water Waterfalls and the Sparkling waterfalls [Catarat Ma-Cu] are included.

What is Excluded

The Tour is based upon own transport [upon request transport can be arranged]. Pricing is based upon 4 people, but is possible, to go with two persons, with your own private tour guide.

Meeting Point and Direction

The designated meeting location is situated at gas station at Hone Creek. From there we start the tour at 08:30 AM [times can be discussed].

About the BriBri Waterfalls

Costa Rica is renowned for its lush rainforests and profusion of waterfalls, so you’ll encounter numerous captivating cascades to explore nationwide. This holds in the vicinity of Puerto Viejo and Cahuita, along the route to Bribri, where three notable waterfalls beckon your exploration:

  • Volio Waterfall
  • The Two Waters Waterfall
  • Bribri Hidden Waterfalls, also called Catarata Ma-Cu – BriBri Sparkling Waterfalls.

During this tour, we visit the three best Bribri waterfalls. The Volio Waterfall, a magnificent 15-meter-high cascade, is nestled within the Bribri Indian Reservation. It allows you to meet abundant wildlife and immerse yourself in the splendour of the natural world.

And underappreciated are the Catarata Waterfalls or the Bribri Sparkling Waterfalls. This upper-tier waterfall exudes an enchanting charm and provides a secure environment for swimming.

As you continue along the trail, you’ll discover a spacious area surrounding the waterfall at a lower elevation. This tranquil setting invites you to unwind and fully appreciate the serene natural surroundings. Despite its accessibility from the main road, the waterfall remains a peaceful oasis nestled within the heart of nature.

Last but not least, we will also visit the Two Water Waterfalls.

Shrouded by luxuriant greenery and foliage, it imparts a sensation of being distanced from civilisation. The trails are diligently maintained and suitable for most travellers, ensuring an enjoyable experience.


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